PSLARA Slow CW Practice Net (PCN) 

Learn CW at your speed! All are welcome, please join us.

Join Ernie AJ4BP our NCS and the crew at 6:30 pm Mondays and Thursdays

Check in at 6:30 pm Mondays on the PSLARA 2 m repeater 146.955 MHz PL Tone 107.2 or Echolink,
Or early check in Mondays at 6:10 pm on the air at 7.121 Mhz.
After you are acknowledged in early CW QNI, the exchange should include RST, Name and QTH and any other comment.
Afterour Check-ins we QSY to 7.121 for CW Practice on, you do not need a key to participate.  

Thursday Nights at 6:30 on 7.121 Our PCN net is for practicing CW exchanges on air. Early Check ins at 6:15 pm.
Also using PSL 2m repeater to check in and review CW.

This net is open to anyone wanting to learn or polish up their CW skills.
With a little Practice anyone can enjoy this fun but essential mode of communication. 

Additional references:

Practice for CW ops at your speed on the Sunrise Net.
This net meets daily at 1300 Z (8 am EST, 9am DST) on 7.123 Mhz. Drop in and say hi to the group 
Ernie is the NCS on Thursdays.

CW Practice files:
SK CC Club

North American QRP CW Club - Free lifetime membership
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