Public Documents ~ 2/22/2018

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A List
     Oak Hammock Park Location Map4/12/2016
     SkyWarn Revised9/16/2015
     Tape Measure Yagi Color Simplified9/2/2015
     Tape Measure Dipole Antenna9/2/2015
     Okeechobee Hamfest Nov. 28th 20153/22/2015
     Melbourne Hamfest Oct 10th 20153/22/2015
     2017 SLC ARES Emergency Communications Plan5/9/2017
     PSLARA BoD January 20182/2/2018
     PSLARA BoD December 13, 20171/8/2018
     PSLARA BoD 01_11_171/22/2017
     PSLARA Club Application11/17/2014
     PSLARA January 2018 meeting2/3/2018
     November ’17 General Meeting Minutes and election12/4/2017
     PSLARA October 17 Minutes11/13/2017
     PSLARA Sept 17 Minutes11/13/2017
     PSLARA Club minutes 09-27-201710/6/2017
     PSLARA Membership Minutes 08-23-179/23/2017
     PSLARA Membership Minutes 07-26-178/22/2017
     PSLARA June 2017 Minutes7/16/2017
     PSLARA May 2017 minutes6/25/2017
     PSLARA Membership Meeting 04-26-175/19/2017
     PSLARA March 2017 minutes4/10/2017
     PSLARA February 2017 minutes3/8/2017
     PSLARA January 2017 minutes2/2/2017
     Minutes 11_30_1612/13/2016
     PSLARA Minutes 10-26-201611/8/2016
     PSLARA Sept 16 minutes10/20/2016
     Minutes 08_24_20169/12/2016
     PSLARA July Minutes7/23/2016
     Minutes 06-22-20167/12/2016
     Minutes 05_25_20166/5/2016
     April 2016 meeting minutes5/5/2016
     March 2016 Meeting minutes for review3/31/2016
     February 2016 General Meeting minutes3/5/2016
     Minutes 01-27-20161/28/2016
     Minutes 11-18-2015 11/19/2015
     Minutes 10-28-2015 11/2/2015
     CAP Order Form5/26/2016
     Shirt Order Form4/29/2015
     Disaster Preparedness Presentation5/27/2016
     Grounding Explained by Greg KB4VVE4/24/2015
     NBEMS Troubleshooting FLDIGI1/28/2015
     NBEMS Basic FLDIGI FLmsg setup1/28/2015
     Part 97 Amateur Radio rules1/24/2015
     PRB-1 Federal Antenna Statute1/24/2015
     PSLARA By Laws11/17/2014
     ARRL Section list9/29/2014
     Applying the NEC to Amateur Radio8/12/2014
     SkyWarn Training April 26th3/23/2017