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Desc: DStar Hotspot ... DVAP, Raspberry Pi running Pi-Star 3.4.15, USB External Battery, WiFi Dongle, mini USB hub, home/auto power adapters. $125   Web Site N4ZYXJim 772 971-1566 N4ZYX
GAP Titan DX: .it can be mounted on pole, tower or tripod/chimney..The TITAN AND MOUNT ARE IN EXCESS OF 29' TALL. The Titan is assembled, it can be separated if you desire.full instructions are available. $225.00   Web Site 466 8591
Hy-Gains new AV-640 Patriot HF vertical is the best built, best performing and best priced multiband vertical available today.The AV-640 uses quarter wave stubs on 6, 10, 12, and 17 meters and efficient end loading coil and capacity hats on 15, 20, 30, 40 meters. Includes tilt over base and winch. You remove. $120.00   Web Site
AMERITRON 811H. 800W PEP, 600W CW. Covers 160-15 Meters including WARC bands. User modified for 12 and 10 Meters. AMERITRON AL-811H gives you four fully neutralized 811A transmitting tubes. You get absolute stability and superb performance on higher bands that can’t be matched by un-neutralized tubes. You also get efficient full-size heavy duty tank coils, computer grade capacitors, heavy duty high silicon core power transformer, slug tuned input coils, operate/standby switch, transmit LED, ALC, dual meters, QSK compatibility with QSK-5 option and much more! $750.00   Web Site
Icom IC-80AD Dstar, 2 band, with charger, programming cable. Software free download from ICOM. Best Audio, like new. Local code plug. Give me your call sign and its ready its go. $220 half price off original. my email is in QRZ kk4shf $220   Web Site
Kenwood TS 440S, with Digital Mode mod installed, meets factory specs, memory battery replaces, radio tuned cleaned and tested very good condition with Astron PS. $450   Web Site K4VSRK4VSR Jim 772-834-2227
Rohn 25G Foldover 50 ft, all hardware incl nuts, bolts, guy wires, thimbles, turnbuckles, gin pole winch. U Pick Up Instructions incl. $750   Web Site K4VSRK4VSR Jim 772 -834-2227
Kenwood TL-922A Linear Amp, Clean, 1000 watts out on SSB $799   Web Site K4VSRK4VSR Jim 772-834-2227
Wanted sections of Rohn 25 0.00   Web Site W4SLDw4sld or
Create RC5-A3 Rotator, complete with control box- w/preset, factory manual $375 OBO   Web Site W7MAEBob W7MAE
Tytera DMR MD-390 Digital Two-Way Radio with case, programming cable, battery eliminator, two antenna, manual, original packaging. Also includes codeplug for Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie area. SquareTrade warranty coverage through 8/17/19. $160   Web Site N4ZYXJim - N4ZYX - 772.971.1566
Heathkit SB101 Transceiver. Good looking and good working condition. with matching power supply. $400   Web Site
Yaesu ft 1000 Mark 5. 200 Watts. Pick up only. St. Petersburg, Fl $1400 for $3300 radio   Web Site NYHYKDock 772-834-6648
Kenwood TS-930S HF Transceiver 100 watts. A real base station radio. Power supply is built in for 120 vac, Antenna tuner is also built in. has speech processing and cooling fans on rear. A very solid radio. $1800.00 when new $700.00   Web Site N2MDABob N2MDA

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