PSLARA Slow CW Practice Net (PCN) 
Learn CW at your speed! All are welcome, please join us.

Join Paul, W4ISZ, our NCS and the crew at 6:30 pm Mondays and Thursdays

Check in at 6:30 PM Mondays and Thursdays on the PSLARA 2-meter repeater, 146.955 MHz, PL Tone 107.2, or Echolink.
You can also check in early in CW at 6:30PM on the air at 28.145 Mhz.

After all check-ins are acknowledged we QSY to 28.145 MHz and Paul sends practice sentences in CW.  After each sentence we return to 146.955 to discuss results.

The net is open to anyone wanting to learn or polish their CW skills.  With a little Practice anyone can enjoy this fun but essential mode of communication. 

Additional CW references:

Practice for CW ops at your speed on the Sunrise Net:
This net meets daily at 1300 Z (8 am EST, 9am DST) on 7.123 Mhz. Drop in and say hi to the group.

CW Practice files:

Other CW Web Sites:
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