Public Documents ~ 12/3/2021

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A List
     Shirt Order Form DRAFT 12/20191/14/2020
     Survey Summary - November, 201911/21/2019
     Web Site Survey - November, 201911/20/2019
     PSLARA October 2019 Meeting Agenda10/22/2019
     August 2019 Monthly Meeting Agenda8/26/2019
     Getting Started wiith Winlink4/11/2019
     Winlink - Radio email -basic overview4/11/2019
     Log K4PSL - FL State Parks on the Air, April 20194/9/2019
     Notice of Special Election2/21/2019
     2X4 DX Group Tech Talks Proposal6/28/2018
     Oak Hammock Park Location Map4/12/2016
     Tape Measure Yagi Color Simplified9/2/2015
     Tape Measure Dipole Antenna9/2/2015
     2019 SLC ARES Emergency Communications Plan5/29/2019
Ham Newsletters
     Treasure Coast Ham News - December 202111/30/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - November 202110/31/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - October 20219/30/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - September 20218/31/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - July-August 20216/30/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - June 20215/31/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - May 20214/30/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - April 20213/31/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - March 20213/1/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - February 20211/31/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - January 20211/1/2021
     Treasure Coast Ham News - December 202012/2/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - November 202010/31/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - October 20209/30/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - September 20208/31/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - July-August 20207/20/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - June 2020 Special6/23/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - June 20206/1/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - May 20204/30/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - April 20204/4/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - March 2020 Special3/15/2020
     Treasure Coast Ham News - March 20203/3/2020
     PSLARA Beacon Newsletter October-November 201910/14/2019
     PSLARA Beacon Newsletter September-October 20199/17/2019
     PSLARA News August-September 20198/21/2019
     PSLARA NEWS JUNE-JULY 20196/17/2019
     PSLARA NEWS May 20195/15/2019
     Fort Myer HamFest 202012/4/2019
     2019 Stuart Hamfest1/31/2019
     CAP Order Form5/26/2016
     2018 ARRL Handbook RF Safety5/25/2021
     FCC 2021 RFI Exposure Rule Changes FAQ5/25/2021
     Generator Safety Info 20197/23/2019
     Disaster Preparedness Presentation5/27/2016
     Grounding Explained by Greg KB4VVE4/24/2015
     NBEMS Troubleshooting FLDIGI1/28/2015
     NBEMS Basic FLDIGI FLmsg setup1/28/2015
     Part 97 Amateur Radio rules1/24/2015
     PRB-1 Federal Antenna Statute1/24/2015
     ARRL Section list9/29/2014
     Applying the NEC to Amateur Radio8/12/2014
     Winlink Packet Paths Ref - East Central FL1/18/2020
     Winlink Primer6/28/2018
     How To Checkin Winlink6/28/2018
     Winlink Forms - Greg’s work KG6SJT6/22/2018