The HF & DX Interest Group (formally the 2X4 DX Group) is an activity of the Port Saint Lucie Amateur Radio Association.  Group members share a common interest in HF communications.  In addition, many of our members actively participate in DX activities and have either achieved, or are working toward achieving, DXCC and other operating awards.  The group's common interest is anything HF operating, listening, or contesting related. Read on for addition al information about the HF & DX Interest Group.
Our Mission Statement
The mission of the HF & DX Interest Group is to provide a friendly forum for the discussion and encouragement of DX and HF communications.  We welcome both members and guests to participate in our meetings, nets and other
activities, regardless of experience level.  We offer a forum for seasoned hams, and learning opportunities for less experienced hams and non-hams who share a common interest in HF communications.

Who can join the HF & DX Interest Group?
Any ham (or non-ham for that matter) with an interest in HF communications or DXing is invited to join the group.  Although membership in the main club is encouraged, you do not need to be a member to participate in the DX group.  Shortwave listeners who enjoy monitoring the HF bands are also welcome to join us. From beginners to experts, everyone is welcome.  Not experienced in HF skills? Not a problem.  Join our group and learn from the pros!
Are our members all serious DXers?
No, they are not.  We are proud of the fact that some of our members are on the DXCC Honor Roll.  We also have members will lesser DX and HF experience. We even have some new hams with limited or no HF experience, but with a desire to learn.  We welcome all experience levels, from beginner to expert, including non-hams.
Are dues required to join the HF & DX Interest Group?
No.  There are no dues.  Just show up at the meetings.  There are no financial obligations necessary to participate in the group.
When does the HF & DX Interest Group meet?
A breakfast meeting is held on the 2nd Friday of each month at 9:00 AM. The group meets at Bob Evans restaurant, 1830 SW Fountainview Blvd, Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  We meet in the small meeting room on the west side of the restaurant.  
What happens at HF & DX Group meetings?
Whenever possible, we try to adhere to the following agenda:
. New member introduction
. Discussion of member recent HF and DX operating activities
. Show & Tell of recently received QSL cards
. Discussion of upcoming DXpeditions and Special Event Stations
. Magazine exchange
. Member open forum

After the formal meeting agenda we often have a roundtable discussion on a DX or HF operating related topic.

How long are the HF & DX Group meetings?
Meetings typically last about an hour or so. 
Does the HF & DX Group have any on-air nets?
Not at the present time.  If Nets are scheduled look on the PSLARA main page or this page for an announcement.  Announced Nets will meet on the Port Saint Lucie Amateur Radio Association repeater, frequency 146.955 MHz, offset -600 KHz, tone 107.2.

Our nets are moderated by a net control operator.  All licensed hams are welcome to participate.  If new to our net, just follow the instructions of the net control operator.  We look forward to hearing you on the air.

How can I get further information about the HF & DX Interest Group?
It’s easy.  There several ways:
. Stop by our 2nd Friday monthly breakfast meeting at Bob Evans.
. Speak to us at a Port Saint Lucie Amateur Radio Association general membership meeting.
. Drop an email to brownpsl@comcast.net.

Does the HF & DX Interest Group offer a newsletter or monthly mailing?
Check out the Treasure Coast Ham Newsletter for Items of interest about the HF & DX Interest Group as well as informational HF and DX articles. To be included on the newsletter distribution, please drop a line to the email address shown above.
Can you tell me more about the Port Saint Lucie Amateur Radio Association?
We sure can.  The PSLARA holds its monthly general membership meeting on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM.  Meetings are held at the Indian River State College Pruitt Campus at the Veterans Resource Center, Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  Please see monthly meeting information on the PSLARA's main page. Other club activities may include a monthly breakfast get together, spring and fall picnics, a holiday party and more.

Plan to stop by at a meeting.  Visitors are always welcome and we would love to meet you.  For additional information concerning the Port Saint Lucie Amateur Radio Association, send an email to info@pslara.com.

  Thanks for visiting our web page. 
  We hope to see you at an upcoming breakfast meeting.